Built for digital marketing analysis

This is high-speed, simple, visual data analysis.

Use heatmaps and analytics to understand user behavior and optimize your website.

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Integrate all of your
data in one place

This is data organization and sharing - all on a revolutionary platform.

Make your work more efficient while making data accessible to everyone!

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Powerful mobile data solutions

Ptengine's APP solution will be easy to use, flexible and efficient.

Perform behavioral analysis and optimize user experience on the go.

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Real-world data, integrated and accounted for

Refine your IoT lifestyle by linking together the different aspects of your life - alarm management, child monitoring, food supply, health devices, etc.

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Data - A New Perspective
Solutions for a connected world

We have witnessed the force of data, together.

From online to offline, from the analysis of user behavior, to data integration - Ptmind provides secure and reliable data services.

Founded in 2010, Ptmind has provided data services to more than 100,000 corporate users, covering more than 180 countries, processing the online behavior data of millions of web users.

“Ptmind abides to the "simple design" principle. Their product is friendly to beginners and enables users identify & visualize their data problems directly.”

“The whole process is so simple and fun right from the start. Working with Ptmind's data platform to find and solve problems it's great.”

“Ptmind is exactly the team we expected. They are doing "data" business. They are not blindly pursuing user acquisition.”

“With the help of Ptmind, we use data to analyse our weaknesses, indentify improvement points, and shorten the duration of presenting the improvement reports to each team. Now, we have really achieved good results!”