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International team

Our employees are from China, the US, Britain, Japan, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Brazil, and other places…

Here, you can enjoy the collision of different cultures;

You can also experience a colorful blend different lifestyles

Together we are building a global family…

User Center

User communication is the front line of our business.

Ask about this crucial and dynamic area of work.

Innovation, extreme

We firmly believe that we have a subtle and efficient approach to problem solving.

Agile and efficient

We perform rapidly, with a flat communication structure, and aim to be flexible in our business approach.

Special treatment

At Ptmind, all you need to do is concentrate on building products.

We will make every effort to provide you with a comfortable environment.

Infinite space

Each job in Ptmind is crucial. Your immediate impact should be visible.Your ability to grow will be unfettered.

International people

Ptmind has people from all around the world. There are geeks, there are freaks, there's a Rocker or two… Feel welcome to fly your own flag...

Grow side by side

Ptmind builds sexy technology, We have enchanting, wild ideas, and an unlimited potential market. Here, everyone can expect to learn together and grow together as a team.

Relaxed working environment

In Ptmind, you can enjoy your free time; There are bean-bag rooms, coffee machines, snacks, a Playstation; Also table football, music, and a couple of chinchillas that keep having babies!

A wealth of activities

At Ptmind, you won't get bored. There are team building trips, and a party or two. We play board games, run English classes, and celebrate everyone's birthdays!

Peace of mind and health protection

At Ptmind you will enjoy a full annual physical examination. We also give you options to stand or sit at the office… Looking after your back is more important than you think!

Join us, we are actively trying to find you if you are:

Talented technical people, distinctive product people, unique creative designers or communication specialists.

Oh, and we want more excellent marketing people!

Let's be awesome together and build a fun, successful company.

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