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About us

Ptmind specializes in online data analysis and visualization.

With the promotion of data intelligence as a core mission, Ptmind, through a continuous grind of product development and design innovation, strove to create a data analysis products that was simple and easy to use, with the power to handle large and demanding data sets. The result has lowered the entry point for data analysis, improving the efficiency of data learning, and allowing businesses to get a better hold on a greater amount of their data.

The company employs people from across China, Japan, the United States, Sweden, the UK, Brazil and beyond. At present, Ptmind is involved in massive, real-time data processing, data visualization, multi-device visitor data processing and multiple other aspects of the data lifecycle. Ptmind has access to domestic and foreign technology and has received design award recognition.

Currently Ptmind serves many well-known clients, providing data monitoring services, and has helped more than 10,000 data-driven businesses. Ptmind is also actively seeking new and innovative ways to build data integration and visualization platforms that cater for the needs of growing, data-savvy enterprises.

At present, Ptmind hosts its research and development in Beijing and has branches across Hong Kong, China, Japan, the United States and Australia.


Ptmind is responsible for providing quality products and services to customers, and the design, research, and development cycles adhere to strict standards. While boasting top-tier security and data processing performance as a cornerstone of our technology, we utilize simple, easy to use design principles, to help customers maximize value from their data.

Professional team

Our team is composed of talent from Google, Apple, Yahoo, IBM, Samsung, Adobe, Huawei, Teradata, Dentsu, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, and Sina. They have strong experience in the European and US markets, and our diverse team helps us forge a more comprehensive service able to cater to global demand.


Good Design Award

The "Good Design Award" was founded in 1957, has fifty years of history, and is one of Asia’s three most authoritative product design awards. Ptmind's data analysis product, Ptengine, won the award in 2013 and is a great addition to the list of previous winners.

ASPIC SaaS Service Advanced Technology Award

The ASP · SaaS · Cloud Award, sponsored by Japan ASPIC, is focused on selecting the best community enterprises in Japan. The award aims to support businesses looking to promote cloud services, so that cloud technology can become a cornerstone of our future of society.


Seattle | USA

Suite 4100, 800 Fifth Avenue, Bank of America Fifth Avenue Plaza, Seattle, WA 98104

Beijing | China

Suite 222, 35 Shangdi E Rd, Yiquanhui, Haidian Qu, Beijing, China, 100085

Tokyo | Japan

8/F 祐真ビル本館,3 Chome−27−11, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 〒150-0002


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Address:Ptmind America LLC Bank of America Plaza, Seafirst Fifth Avenue Plaza, 800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100, Seattle, 98104