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Deeply understand and win customers to grow your business

Understand what attracts or loses your site visitors by visualizing their behavior and experiences. Improve your online marketing funnel, landing pages and advertisements to generate more conversions and sales.

Powerful analytics delivered in real time.

Access the data you need within seconds, and instantly visualize it.
Business moves fast. Data rushes in, and without some way to keep up , it’s easy to miss golden opportunities, or get a handle on a crisis before it’s too late. Get a real-time stream of invaluable data within seconds. See the impact of your marketing campaigns the second you launch.

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Turn your data into value.

Ptengine is built with your success mind, enabling you to turn vast streams of web data into insights that your whole team can use.

Understand where your users are dropping off with powerful heatmaps.

Find and fix gaps in customer experiences across all your digital marketing touchpoints.
Visualize and bridge gaps in your online conversions using heatmaps to observe and understand customer behavior and decisions. Understand what attracts or loses your user journeys in real time. See how your visitors use — or don’t use — your site.

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