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Product Features


Establish a hub for data.

Produce more value.


Visualize data how you want to.

Use templates for inspiration.


Rich, easy to use resources.

The key to gathering insights.


Share and collaborate across your teams.

Everyone can be data-driven.

Data Visualization

Due to a compelling and easy to use design, with just a few mouse clicks you can achieve highly flexible, clear dashboards. Use them in meetings, keep them on your desktop, share them with colleagues.

Unlike the limited prefabricated charts offered by common dashboard products, Datadeck opens up comprehensive and flexible customization features that meet its users’ needs.

Data Integration

Centralize your data management - no more logging-in to multiple apps and analytics products.

Make use of templates, separated by industry and job role, and be inspired by new data mining possibilities.

Optimize your business by making performance goals and results accessible to all your departments. Deliver insights and action using the same data sets company wide, simplifying your goal-making process.

“DataDeck, makes it simple to gather data together, and it's also flexible and easy to customize. I am optimistic about DataDeck’s product direction because it keeps things simple and easy to use!”

——Dustin Slightham, founder of 434 Marketing

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