Did you know that Ptengine integrates fully with Datadeck? Do you know what Ptengine is?

Ptengine is another product created by Ptmind (creators of Datadeck). It’s a powerful heatmapping tool and analytics suite that can help marketers, web developers, designers, and anyone involved with building and running websites get a better understanding of how people interact with their sites.

Much like with Google Analytics, you can pull all the data you gather from your website from your Ptengine account and display it how you like in Datadeck. But, did you know you can also display Ptengine’s heatmaps?!

An example of a Ptengine Dashboard

When you choose a heatmap to display in a Datadeck dashboard it allows you to better illustrate what’s going on on your site. You can keep track of as many pages as you want – seeing how people are interacting with pages, where they are scrolling, what they are clicking on. This can make it easier to inform other members of your business, or even clients, of the positive or negative effects of changes that have been made to relevant websites.

The heatmaps themselves aren’t just static images displayed in Datadeck. they update automatically and can be adjusted within your dashboard. Adjust their sensitivity with a slider and click the “expand” button to show them in a new, fullscreen tab.

If you need help setting up a Ptengine dashboard, you can get in touch with our customer support at any time. Being able to view all your business data in 1 interface can save you a lot of tem each day so we hope you’ll take advantage of this integration if you haven’t already.

If you are interested in trying out Ptengine for the first time, you can sign up for free here. If you are new to this blog and have yet to see what Datadeck can do to make you data life easier, you can sign up for free here.