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PTengine won one of the top three product design awards:
“World Industrial Design Award” issued by Good Design in 2013

More than 100,000 global companies are using Ptengine to improve conversion rate and user experience.

Product Features


Specialized real-time analysis module.

Follow campaigns as they happen.

Agile Segmentation

Convenient and intuitive segmentation function.

Event Tracking

Automatic or manual setup.

Fast and 100% accurate.


Use click, scroll, and attention heatmaps.

Comprehensive analytics

Ptengine features a comprehensive and in-depth analytics report, revealing how visitors arrive at and flow through your site. You can dive deep into their behaviour, location, and device characteristics while taking advantage of cross-platform, multi-device monitoring functionality.

With good adaptability, and a clear insight into a variety of equipment and platform behavior, our analytics platform also supports responsive design and heatmaps. Try experiencing your visitor's behavior on a deeper, visual level.

Event tracking

Event tracking allows you to see when elements are clicked and spot trends - and we do this without having to add elaborate code to your site. Tracking key events can help you form long-term observations and create deeper segmentation of your visitors.

You can combine important events and clarify their interrelations. You can then restructure your site to better cater to your visitors' needs, focusing on the various types of information related to a given event.


Visualize user behavior: See where visitors click, scroll to, and linger on your webpages using a vivid series of heatmaps. At a glance you can see what's working on your pages, and what is not. Gather re-design ideas, correct bugs, and effectively communicate your position to colleagues or clients.

Use segmentation and A/B tests to compare and contrast your heatmaps over time. Prove that your changes are working, and watch as your site heats up.

Real time

Our real-time panel uses a heartbeat monitor graphic to show what is happening on your site, as it happens. Observe your users as they move between your pages, and get a real-time estimate of your site's traffic.

See where users are leaving your site and make quick changes, capitalizing on any spikes in traffic from any active campaigns.

Agile Segmentation

Quickly Segment Your Audience: View a segment's goal with just a few clicks. Intuitively look for sub-KPIs while sifting through data, and quickly drill down to find opportunities and problems.

Comprehensive Segmentation: Create dozens of cross-subdivided attributes to help you analyze user behavior from all angles. Stratify the segments using the size of a key dimension, allowing you to quickly locate sub-KPIs without much manual input.

Conversion Funnels

Set up a funnel that leads your visitors to your intended goal, then find the leaks. Improve pages quickly and get more visitors to convert!

Our funnels are easy to set up and are displayed in an intuitive manner.

"Ptengine is like an easy-to-use Google Analytics report - easier to interpret, and there is a visual element that makes it simple for me to get a clear understanding of visitor behavior."

- Director of Johnson & Poor's Wilke OFP Professional Office Equipment

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